Welcome to my web site.


Hello, I am a French collector of militaria.

As you can see it, I try to translate my site into English. For it, I use a translation software (Reverso in a trial version) French - > English.
Although it's a good software, it is not perfect. I try to correct the maximum of faults, but it stays there . Then, if you find errors then said it me.

Thank you.


As you can doubt it, the main subject of this web site is militaria collection.

But I would like to widen subjects as soon as possible, in particular :


ATTENTION!!!! : Message for the Militaria collectors

I have a lot of problems to illustrate my militaria articles, I need your help to illustrate my columns, you can for it send me photos of archives or your personal collection. Thank you for your help.

Of even though you find errors, that you want to bring corrections or preciseness, send me an email.


Goodbye and thank you for your visit.